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Has Samsung dispatched truckloads of 5 cent coins to Apple?

It’s time for an epic gag!! A grin broke out on our faces as we heard that Samsung had smartly dispatched 30 trucks stuffed with 5 cent coins right to the Apple headquarters in California. Tim Cook got a call from the Samsung CEO to confirm that they were paying the $ 1 billion dollar fine that had been ruled against them.

Samsung gets an “up” over Apple

Is this true? Well, the word is doing the rounds that besides a halt imposed by the security agencies at the gate, the trucks had to be let in. Let us ask a question, will the Apple executives spend hours counting the cents and will any Bank accept so many metal pieces?

According to the buzzing reports this happened because not a single official document emphasizes the way the remuneration has to be handed over to Apple. It was Samsung’s decision on how to dispatch the fined one billion dollars.

According to the rumor mills Lee Kun-hee, Chairman of Samsung Electronics stated that his company will not give in because of some “geeks with style”. He admitted that they were equipped with a backlash if the other company was insistent on playing messy.

The word is doing the rounds that Lee Kun-hee said “You can use your coins to buy refreshments at the little machine for life or melt the coins to make computers, that’s not my problem, I already paid them and fulfilled the law.”

Hoax or a fact?

Has Samsung got the “biggest troll” tag, by pulling off this piece on Apple? We really don’t know! This story seems to have creeped up as a meme posted on the they say and because it went viral in a little, it ended up gaining a lot of media credibility.

El Deforma a Mexican satire website may have a hand in this, according to Gizmodo. The surprising thing was no one halted a second to think about this. Is it possible to do this when a single cent weighs 5 grams and by calculations Samsung would have to roughly shell out nearly 20 billion coins?

The total weight of the coins would end up to be around 100,000 tons approximately. Logical reasoning states that an 18 wheeler truck is capable for carrying the weighty load of only about 40 tons of nickel coins.

So isn’t it absurd to suggest that 30 trucks are carrying almost 3,333 tons of coins?

Samsung, the South Korean company was actually supposed to pay nearly $ 1.049 billion as damages to Apple after it lost the patent infringement lawsuit filed by Apple. At the moment Samsung we are sure is more bothered about the judge increasing the fine amount