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Apple tests motion detection in iOS 7 for iPhone, iPads

Apple testing motion detection in iOS 7 for iPhone, ipads

Yet another revelation from the Apple world. According to latest sources, it is believed that Apple is in the testing phase of its new motion detection technology for its iPhone and iPad users.

Motion detection is not a new technology unfamiliar to us. In past we have witnessed this technology in video games and television. With Samsung smart TV or Microsoft Kinect leading their way, Apple is soon to follow suit by introducing the limited motion control to both its iPad and iPhone users after the release of iOS 7 later this fall.

Apple is in the testing phase of simple head movement recognition, unlike the in depth control of onscreen activity given to the users in the Samsung Smart TV or Microsoft Kinect. Currently Apple is working on the beta version of the motion detection feature which will be tested soon by its developers.

Motion detection in iOS 7:
In the final release of the iOS 7, this feature would be available as an option which you may or may not opt for manually. To turn on the option, the user needs to go to the Accessibilities menu in Settings, and then assign actions according to the user convenience to both the left and the right head movements.

The actions to the left and the right head movements can be assigned for the motion detection feature to get activated. For instance, the left head movement can be assigned the task of opening your mail, or launch the voice recognition app, Siri or open your favourite music player etc. similarly tasks can be assigned to the right head movement as well.

The head movements using the motion detection feature are detected using the front facing iPhone or the iPad camera, according to the report. The device will automatically scroll upon all the available options on the screen, when the device reaches the one that you have opted, the user can simply select that option by simply swinging the head to one side.

This feature would be especially beneficial to those who have limited mobility or who have difficulty working with the touch and the voice interface. It would be interesting to watch what this new feature has in store for us in the future mobile device control.

With the other major companies like Samsung and Microsoft launching their motion controlled devices, the soon to release device from Leap Motion and Microsoft Kinect, which use high tech powerful sensor cameras and the ability to detect not only hand movements but also other minute motions like finger movements, face and skeleton recognition, Apple's motion detection should really be able to awe the iOS fans.

The report also mentioned that other major companies like Samsung have come up with eye scrolling and hand wave gestures among other motion control options in the Galaxy S4.