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The latest preview of IE 11 talks about massive changes

With the Windows 8.1 unfolding, Microsoft is all set to release the preview of Internet Explorer 11(IE 11) as outlined by ZDNet. Most of the expectations were not fulfilled as the Microsoft's Build conference had nothing to talk about the latest IE version, however the preview of the newest version of IE does talk about some interesting features.

To know more about the features of the IE 11, here is a rundown which we would be looking into. Few of the features mentioned by Microsoft are better touch performance, continuous browsing experience across user's Windows devises and faster page load times.

Features of IE 11:
Optimised for touch screen devices:
The IE 11 preview is part of the Windows 8.1 Preview and showcased the ability of being optimised for touch screen devices by using the graphics processor.
The graphics processor helps decodes the images while the dynamic age content of a webpage is processed by the CPU. Gestures such as panning, zooming and swiping can be easily accomplished by the graphics processor.

Swipe features such as going forward and back, complete with page prediction and pre-rendering for better visual feedback is supported by the browser.

Independent tab suspension:
With the new IE 11, there is no set tab limit, according to the developers. This was a major drawback with the IE 10, where the number of tabs which a user could open was restricted to 10. The users will be allowed to open a limited number of tabs without the worry of a possible system crash. The IE 11 will automatically allocate memory to each tab and also pause the tabs which were idle for a long period of time. This will aid in the explicit shopping experience and online browsing without worrying about the efficiency of the CPU after you have opened say like 30 tabs in a go.

Using the independent tab suspension technology, IE 11 will enable faster and efficient switching and better use of memory and battery.

IE 11 supports Windows 8.1's side by side mode:
Users can very easily browse two websites simultaneously on different instances of the browser on one screen using the side by side mode supported by Windows 8.1. Using the snap mode with IE 11, one can easily run various apps side by side.

Live tiles:
For those of you who are familiar with the working of IE 10, pinned tiles is nothing new for you. This allows the users who frequently use specific websites to have a quick access to them without having to go along the list of bookmarks or open the web browser to seek out the specific site. The "pinned tiles" was an interesting feature of IE 10 but were visually not very appealing, portraying boring squares. However with the IE 11, the pinned tiles feature has been updated in such a way that now the "pinned tiles" will show up with live previews of the website know as "live tiles". This preview will keep updating showing you the latest preview of the site even before you click on the site.

Favourites Centre:
If you are the traditional kinds who still prefers the old bookmarks feature, the new IE 11 has some unique features for you too. Using the new Favourites Centre in IE 11, prioritising and editing your bookmarks directly in the user interface of the browser has become much easier. A major drawback in IE 10, is overcome with the IE 11, where the bookmarks can also be highlighted with photos, so that its easier for the user to locate a certain bookmark amongst a massive list of them.

Syncing tabs:
Synching tabs is one of the most important features of the new browser. With the help of being able to sync tabs, users can resume browsing on some other device while logged into another. For instance, if a user has signed in their SkyDrive account on one device, they can easily continue browsing on any other device.

iCloud and Google account sync already use this feature with their browsers Apple's Safari and Google Chrome respectively.

Less battery and supports HTML 5:
Not only has the IE 11 seen some massive technological updates, there are some hardware updates too which will help the users have a streamlined experience. The IE 11 will be consuming less battery life compared to its previous IE 10 version. This is sure a good news for all the tablets and the notebook users. It will also be supporting the plug in free HTML 5 video and the latest standards for closed captioning and adaptive streaming, wherein the quality of the video is adjusted depending on the available bandwidth, and rights management.

IE 11 not restricted to Windows 8.1:
Though the preview of the IE 11 can be accessed from Windows 8.1 preview only, Microsoft has confirmed that the IE 11 will also be available on the Windows 7 platform. However, it can be presumed that IE 11 will first release for Windows 8 and depending upon the feedback they receive, it will then be released for any past Windows versions.