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Attack sites safer!! Google ropes in legit sites for phishing attacks

Surprise! Surprise! It’s the compromised legit sites that are a greater threat than the sites that are actually dangerous states a Google Transparency report. And we always thought differently!

Google transparency report

The Google transparency report with the new Safe Browsing section confirms that hacked sites are more dangerous than the attack sites. The map put forth by the Transparency report by Google regarding Safe browsing states that nearly about 2% of the websites hosted by the U.S have malware.

Gone is the presumption that the safe websites are safe, they may be distributing malware far more than the sites that are actually treacherous and unsafe. They have been compromised with the malware already unknown to the user says the new Transparency Report from Google .

Safe browsing program

The Safe Browsing program flags almost 10,000 websites daily, and evaluating this, Google once again repeats itself that the previously hacked sites do pose a threat to others. It has reported that about 40 percent of websites taken as safe are being utilized for phishing attacks and about 60% are already hosting malware unknown to others.

In 2009, there were certain attack sites that had been recognized and numbered and the amount of these websites was just counted in hundreds but then they started to grow in number. In 2012 the number was calculated to be about 6000 sites but the June 2013 statistics show that the number has fallen up to 3,891.

The Google report recognizes certain sites as compromised sites. These web sites pose more threat as they have been hacked in the past in order to spread malicious content and infect visitors. They are generally accepted as safe and have been declared legitimately secure but that is not so.

Google has managed to track down at least 39,247 web sites that have been hacked. Last July showed the website number as almost 60,000 and in June 2009 the number touched almost 76,000. This was recorded during the June 9th week this year.

Google promises to publish the internet security data regarding phishing scams and malware on a regular basis. Maybe now the users can breathe a sigh of relief from the fear of theft of consumer information!! This will help keep an eye open for the viruses that creep into the computers due to internet usage.

The malicious software or malware can rob the users of private and sensitive information. Google will keep a track on the search engine crawlers that browse through the phishing sites as they get busy searching the internet.

Its no surprise that Google digs out at least 10,000 such web sites daily and plans to display them on a map according to the traced viruses. Niels Provos, an engineer at Google vehemently states "This is about making the internet a safer environment.”