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Androids win!! Indian markets elbow out Apple

Folks, we have some great news for you!! Apple demands see a low as Androids are the preferred choice of the Indians.

Indian Smartphone Markets

The Indian Smartphone market gives Apple a slight nudge as it gives the lead to Samsung in both unit sales and value. The January to March or first quarter ratings this year show that Apple is no more in the first five Smartphone choices but as far as higher profitability side is taken into account then Apple sure manages to clamber to take a place in the top five.

The recent data report bought forth by the International Data Corporation (IDC) confirm that as compared to the last year’s record, the Indian Smartphone market, in the first quarter of 2013, shows a growth of 24%. It’s the Android that has managed to dominate the Indian Smartphone market with a whopping share of 90% that is dominated by the sales in the lower end segment.

Apple v/s Karbonn and Micromax

An aggressive advertising campaign and a volley of discount schemes have made sure that Apple stays in the high sale segment in the recent months. But now Apple is marching a slow downslide, as its sale impetus has slowed.

Manasi Yadav, senior market analyst at IDC was heard commenting "Apple has always been a niche player in the country. Apple numbers in Q4 of 2012 were exceptional but their shipments actually saw a dip in Q1 of 2013 as per our numbers.”

Karbonn and Micromax are the chosen ones for the Indian customer base as they are treated as the best “value for money” offers in the Smartphone markets. Karbonn bags about 11% of the market and Micromax grabs about 19%.

Subsequently, these two hold the third and second place in Smartphone unit shipments recorded in the first quarter. Yadav comments "Their volumes are increasing quarter-on-quarter and they are giving tough competition to all the players. They are especially successful in tier-2 and tier-3 towns where brand names don't matter that much.”

The Nokia story

Nokia maybe getting a great feedback on its Lumia range and is also showing increasing sales. It enjoys the fourth position in Smartphone shipments at the moment and also shows promise for an increase in this.

The sales of the Blackberry have shown a slight slack or maybe counted as stagnant "Indian market is driven by low cost devices. They have also grown much faster when it comes to units," states Yadav.

She confirms further "Rupee depreciation will negatively impact Micromax and Karbonn especially since their margins are lower, but their volumes are increasing. So they might maintain low pricing as it is their USP."