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Facebook’s new mobile offering! News delivery with new format?

Its mobile offerings time again for the social networking giant, Facebook!!

Facebook promises mobiles a new visual format as it works on the news delivery service for mobiles!! Facebook dubs the service as “Reader” and this service will be displaying user and publisher content in a new style for the Facebook members.

Facebook brings forth another change

Recent reports state that Facebook has its hands full with some turnabout actions for the social network lovers!! This time Facebook is busy with the mobile news-delivery service. It will display user and publisher content in an entirely new format confirms the Wall Street Journal.

Facebook has always been a very user friendly platform like Twitter and has recently announced this breaking news to the network friends. Its promise time, folks!! The networking giant plans to include a homegrown news-delivery service for its mobile lovers.

Facebook may introduce “Reader”

Facebook has named this service internally as the Reader and plans to please its mobile devices by displaying content posted by the publishers and other Facebook users in a new format that has been specially designed. This was hinted from internal sources that were closely linked with the project though no spokesperson from Facebook has openly confirmed the news.

The new project that bears a resemblance to Flipboard has been occupying the Facebook people for almost a year or more. Flipboard is another much loved news reading app that collects content and information from a number of sources, Facebook plans to march a similar road.

Changing internet trends

With the changing Internet trends, mobile is a must for Facebook. The social site has been busy in the past with its advertising tactics for mobiles. The social networks on the internet need to be constantly upgraded and changed to keep the user’s hands attention grabbed. But it is still unclear and not confirmed when Facebook will actually launch this project stated the Wall Street Journal news. It’s the changing tastes of the Facebook users that have prompted this project to be conjured up.

After all the changing social networking trends demand newer modifications, and Facebook always listens to the cry of its users. Remember Facebook home, the mobile app family for the Androids and Smartphone, so folks gear up Facebook may surprise us again this time!