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Will Google Glass be as omnipresent as iPhone?

Now that’s news!! Can you believe it 12 % of the Americans are all ready to adorn the Google eyeglasses on a regular basis. Will it be the next iPhone,folks?

Google Glass , another iPhone?

Don’t be shell shocked if you see people walk about at all corners; shopping around, with the Google Glasses perched on their noses. A recent Forrester report states that the wearable tech Google glass is a hot favorite amongst the US population. Nearly 21.6 million online US customers have given the go ahead for daily wear of these reality eye glasses- but if they belong to a recognized and good brand.

Forrester analyst Sarah Rotman Epps collaborated his results and gave the verdict that "Not since Apple's iPhone debuted in 2007 has a computing device attracted as much attention as Google Glass.We have no doubt that in time, Glass will be the next iPhone."

The augmented reality wearable Google Glasses are capable of recording videos, gather directions, take snapshots, go web searching for facts and do a lot lot more. But there is some waiting in store for the Google lovers!!

The tech advanced Google Glass

The Google glass will hit the customer markets for general use only by 2014 but in April, the prototypes have already been packed off to the developers for a trial run. It’s the availability that is making a difference at the stage, folks!!

The glass may have a restrictive API and a limited battery life but the Forrestor survey on over 4600 adults from the U.S confirms “Glass is continuously improving via over-the-air updates and new applications, and we have no doubt that in time, Glass will be the next iPhone.”

The technically optimistic called the “Glass Gravitators” by Forrester are the high income people falling in the age group below 50. They remain “perpetually connected” to different kinds of data sources like local business information, maps and other products for gathering information.

Other areas that they use for collecting data are the social media sources like people, information about them etc. These people who show their deep interest and are eager to wear these technically advanced head mounted glasses by Google have been rightly named "Glass Gravitators” by Epps.

Most of these people fall in the younger age group and they desire the Google Glass for camera purposes, navigation and other utility based apps. The Google Glass promises to be a boon for people who need this hands free tech device while doing different activities. So will be a great help to the working class like construction managers, doctors and the farmers.

It’s the limited Mirror API and the short battery life that is a cause of concern for the manufacturers. The device is still in nascent stage and is clambering on the road to proper development. Once these hurdles are crossed only then will it be ready for mass usage and will be pronounced as the "next great platform."

According to the Epps report "Google Glass is a 'when,' not 'if' product. We think it's just a matter of time until Glass takes off."