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40% of internet users in India are women!

As per Google estimates, five million women made online transactions annually.

More and more Indian women are turning towards the transformative power of the internet! There are 150 million internet users in the nation, in which 60 million are women, according to ‘Women and Web Study’, a report released by Google India.

The report found nearly 24 million women logged onto the internet daily to check emails, interact on social networking sites and shop online.

Investigators observed 75 per cent women were below 35 and relatively affluent. These women spent an average of 50 minutes online and mostly accessed the internet via home.

"Around 60 million women in India are now online and use the Internet to manage their day-to-day life. With easy access to Internet at homes, cyber cafes, offices and growing adoption of smart phones, Internet is being used by women for a variety of things," stated Google India VP and Managing Director Rajan Anandan.

What do women look for on the web?
The aim of the study was to get some insight into online usage patterns along with its impact on purchase decisions by women in the country.

Investigators compiled internal data from Google in India for the apparel & accessories, food & drinks, baby care, hair care & skin care categories of about 1,000 women.

The study found, checking email, surfing the net and social networking topped the list of online activity, followed by downloading music, looking for educational content, searching for jobs, listening to music, watching video and reading news.

As per Google estimates, from April 2012 to March 2013 around five million women shopped or made online transactions.

About 50 per cent women respondents said the internet significantly influenced buying decisions, specially baby care and skincare products.The top researched categories were skin care (72 per cent), baby care (69 per cent) and hair care (65 per cent) products.

Popular searches also included how to make hair bows, walk in high heels, breastfeed, get pregnant, straighten hair, apply eyeliner etc.

“With this report, it is clear that internet is empowering Indian women with easy access to information and helping them take more informed decisions in their day-to-day lives. The top generic searches and most searched brands reflect women are heavily engaged on the internet and are using it for online research, before deciding on their final purchase for categories such as skin, hair and baby care products,” said Rajan Anandan.