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Sony encourages hackers, asks them to play around with Firefox OS

Sony goes revolutionary again!! The electronics giant gets friendly with its smartphone users by allowing them to play around with some of its devices. It is urging smartphone hackers and users to experiment with ROM images of FireFox OS for Xperia E handset:

Sony and FireFox OS

Sony it seems has struck out directly to the smartphone users to build a loving support group by giving them a handset to play around with. A news item mentioned in MWC last week talked about the smart move made by Sony to influence its smartPhone users to experiment with the FireFox Os Program.

They provided ROM images of FireFox OS for their own Xperia E handset and appealed to their limited number of power users to try out and play around with them. News confirms that Sony plans to broaden its accessibility in the times to come but at the moment has tried the “experiment” on only one handset.

This is just one more time that Sony has fuelled the inquisitive nature of the modding community and the hackers. Earlier also Sony has made efforts to make its smartPhones attractive to the users in some way.

Go ahead unlock the bootloader

The site encourages the user to try out their Xperia handsets and unlock the boot loader. For certain Xperia device releases from 2011 and onwards, the company made it possible for the user to be able to unlock the boot loader.

While trying out the procedure the user is warned about voiding the warranty of the device. Also some of the carriers in the device may hinder the unlocking in some Xperia sets.

In case the warranty is broken, Sony does plan to charge a significant fee if any key component or software needs to be modified in this “experiment”.

The unlocking of the boot loader can cause material damage also due to overheating. On unlocking the boot loader Sony warns the users that they may lose valuable content so they should take backup of data.

But a knowledgeable user with advanced knowledge can get great software experiences by unlocking the boot loader.

FireFox OS

By including Firefox OS into the program of unlocked bootloaders and popular handsets Sony can get an insight into the activity of the users and can then come out with a Firefox OS powered device itself. This experiment will help it get a free understanding of the minds of the experimenting users and hackers. They can get an insight into the adaptability of their handsets and can start projects with Xperia.

Some partial geek marketing is possible for Sony, as the users and hackers will talk about this FireFox Os activity on Xperia on the sites like, Facebook and Twitter. Firefox OS and the different new operating systems demand experiments from the manufacturers to highlight their capability.