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Samsung unveils Jelly Bean-powered HomeSync to compete with Apple TV

Samsung has unveiled an Android powered media hub called HomeSync that plans to add the spunk to your living rooms, this time.

This glossy black box features latest Android operating system, is a media streamer and will let one stream TV shows, android movies and games on to the television. To top it all one can also use the Galaxy Smartphone to beam personal photos or home movies on the screen.

The Jelly-Bean Powered HomeSync by Samsung

It was announced at the Mobile World Congress in Spain (Barcelona) that the Home Sync besides being as easy to use as an android will feature a “Jelly Bean Media Player” and an HDMI connection. It is capable of hooking up to the other techno gadgets over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi claim the Samsung spokespersons.

The gaming lovers can also enjoy playing on the big Screens as the Home Sync interface will also have access to Google Play store. The system will be powered by a 1.7 GHz dual-core processor, and plans to include an optical audio connection, Micro-USB and 3.0 USB.

Different people living together can create their own space on the 1TB hard drive of the Home Sync as each device can have up to eight separate accounts. This will be largely helpful as the stored files can be shared with another account easily. In order to maintain footage privacy one can lock the data with User ID’s and file encryption.

Apple Tv v/s HomeSync

The Jelly bean powered HomeSync plans to give stiff competition to Apple TV. The Samsung authorities have not given any confirmed information on the pricing of the HomeSync as yet but we wait on anxiously for any news regarding this.

At the moment, Apple Tv is the people's favorite for streaming game shows and movies from a box in the comforts of their home. To be able to effectively stand up to Apple TV and challenge it on the home turf, Samsung’s HomeSync needs to have more number of movie options and a wide range of movies made available to the people. Sources confirm that Samsung plans to come out with the Android powered media hub, HomeSync, in the month of April.