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Speculations abound for the successor of Galaxy S3 : Here's our wishlist for the S4

What is your wishlist of features you would like to see in the Galaxy S4? What is your wishlist of features you would like to see in the Galaxy S4?

Tech writers and bloggers are prominently excited about the next big smartphone - and no it's not an iPhone.

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 smartphone has been such a huge hit across the globe that users and tech enthusiasts are relentlessly excited about what Samsung will be coming up with this year.

The hype and excitement that is building around the successor of the S3 is what you might expect to be for a new iPhone.

What are the things that you want to see in the Galaxy S4? Here’s our wishlist:

A camera like Nokia’s PureView

Nokia’s Lumia 920 smartphone has been getting rave reviews about its brilliant camera, and it certainly deserves all the praise. Comparisons with the camera of the S3 and iPhone 5 are strewn all across the Web. We certainly want a much better camera in the S4 – that is equally good in low-light conditions as the Lumia 920 camera.

Metallic build

The plastic build of the S3 has often been compared with the metal one found in the iPhone 5. Without doubt, the excellent build of the iPhone 5 is something many S3 owners are jealous about. A premium metallic finish is something we really want to see in the S4.

Android 5
Although this is a remote possibility, it would certainly be awesome if the S4 could come with Android 5.0. It would make a much bigger splash than if Samsung were to continue with Android 4.2. But this is something that depends more on Google’s plans than Samsung’s.

Full HD 5-inch display
The screen sizes of smartphones have gotten a bit bigger, and the current trend is having a 5-inch something display sporting a 1080p screen. This is something Samsung can easily do – we are already familiar with Samsung’s famous phablet, the Galaxy Note 2.

Four-core processor
How can we forget the processor? A quad-core processor is something the S4 is likely to flaunt, and it’s certainly going to give a boost to its performance.