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iPad Mini popularity causes drop in production of regular iPad screens

Despite lacking a Retina display, the iPad Mini has created a niche for itself Despite lacking a Retina display, the iPad Mini has created a niche for itself.

According to a report published by Reuters, demand for the iPad Mini is so overwhelming that Sharp has had to cut down the production of regular iPad screens.

When Amazon released a 7-inch something Kindle tablet, sales of the new, smaller tablet were phenomenal. It was not long before Google came up with its own Nexus 7.

There was certainly a huge market for smaller tablets. Not to be left behind in the race, Apple too launched a mini version of its iPad, called the iPad Mini.

Although the introduction of the iPad Mini was initially denied by a few Apple executives, it was eventually put out by Apple in October last year.

But perhaps Apple did not expect the iPad Mini to be as popular as its turning out to be.

iPad 9.7-inch screen production down
As Reuters reported, sources close to Sharp have revealed that production of screens for the bigger iPad has almost been put on hold to make way for the iPad Mini screen. The production of the 9.7-inch screens has fallen to an all-time low at Sharp.

Sharp also happens to make screens for the iPhone 5. Representatives of Sharp declined to comment on the story.

Nevertheless, Reuters noted in its report that it was not entirely clear if production had been brought down due to a rise in demand for the iPad Mini.

Is iPad Mini eating away sales of the iPad?
It might just be that there is a seasonal change in demand, although it is more tempting to believe that it is the iPad Mini that is causing it.

In a report by Nikkei newswire several days back, it was learned that Apple had also slowed down production of iPhone 5 screens as demand was a tad bit lower than expected.

One of the most attractive things about the iPad Mini is its size – its small, light, and amazingly portable, while offering you almost everything that a bigger iPad would.