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Blackberry 10 gains 15,000 apps in just two days

Blackberry 10 should give consumers a lot of app choices if it wants to succeed Blackberry 10 should give consumers a lot of app choices if it wants to succeed

Research In Motion has been able to get over 15,000 new apps in just 2 days.

Apps maketh a smartphone. Remove apps from a smartphone, and you would soon be left wondering what you should actually do with it other than calling and texting.

Apps attract smartphone users
Without doubt, one of the reasons why Apple and Android smartphones are a hit with consumers is that both the platforms offer them a huge array of choices when it comes to apps.

Although Microsoft now has tons of apps in its Windows Store, it is still to catch up with Android and iTunes in terms of the number of apps available for it. With the launch of Blackberry 10 just a few weeks round the corner, it is imperative that Research In Motion come up with a good number of apps for users.

One of the first things that most users would be doing is look for their favorite apps on Blackberry 10. Keeping in view the need for apps for Blackberry 10, RIM conducted a two-day long Portathon event in which developers were asked to port existing Blackberry and Android apps to Blackberry 10.

Milestone of 15,000 apps achieved
The efforts of the company seem to have paid off, as it has garnered over 15,000 apps during those two days. The developers were paid handsomely - $100 per app, with additional cash prizes for developers who submitted multiple apps.

Research In Motion seems to be leaving no stone unturned in its efforts make Blackberry 10 a success. It has reportedly tied up with 50 carriers across the globe for bringing Blackberry 10 smartphones to consumers.

The company knows that its market share is declining quite rapidly, and it must do something pretty big and pretty soon if it wants to have a significant pie of the smartphone market.

The introduction of Blackberry 10 is a crucial opportunity for RIM to make it big. RIM is expected to unveil several new devices based on Blackberry 10 by the end of this month.