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Wii U beats Wii, sales surpass expectations

Nintendo has scored new milestones with the Wii U Nintendo has scored new milestones with the Wii U

Nintendo's Wii U has proved to be quite popular among console gamers, as sales figures have surpassed those of Wii.

Sales figures of Nintendo’s Wii U have been pretty impressive, and have been even better than those of its predecessor Wii.

According to data released by Nintendo, over 460,000 units of the Wii U were sold back in December, a number much higher than that recorded for the Wii. It has been 41 days now since the Wii U was launched, and sales so far stand at around 890,000.

Wii U brings in strong revenues
Wii U has brought in good business for Nintendo, with the gaming giant having made nearly $300 million in the US through sales of Wii U alone. In contrast, Nintendo managed to make only about $270 million when the Wii was launched.

Apart from the impressive numbers for Wii U, Nintendo has also sold over 500,000 copies of New Super Mario Bros. U.

Even though Wii is not a new device, it registered sales of more than 450,000 units. Meanwhile, the very popular Just Dance 3 crossed a milestone of 5 million in sales units.

Several new game consoles expected this year
2013 seems to be an important year for the gaming industry, as several new game consoles are expected. Microsoft will probably be coming out with its next-generation Xbox this year, and Sony is also believed to be working on a newer PlayStation version.

Apart from Sony and Microsoft, Valve also recently announced that it would be coming up with the Piston console, and a “Steam Box”.

Although sales of Wii U have been appealing, they are far behind when compared to sales of the Xbox.