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Nokia to enchant consumers with stunning camera in phones!

Nokia pureview

While everyone is wondering what will be the biggest smartphone trend to rule the hearts of consumers this year, Nokia is all set to stun the technology enthusiasts and loyal fans with PureView cameras for its upcoming phones.

Pureview revolution
Nokia impressed one and all with Nokia 808 at the Mobile World Congress in February last year when it showcased the 41 megapixels PureView camera that captured startlingly beautiful and breathtaking pictures. And the company only plans to take the trend of powerful phone cameras forward in the current year with its much appreciated technology.

Is Nokia finally catching up?
Thus, even though slowly, Nokia is steadily catching up with the rest in the smartphone race. The company had lost to Samsung and Apple in the smartphone race but thanks to Microsoft Windows phone user interface, the company became successful in attracting customers once again with its Lumia series of phones.

Nokia shells out great cameras with amazing apps
The latest in the string, Nokia Lumia 920 too boasts of an amazing camera that captures great shots even in low light conditions and fights blur due to shaking of hands. To top it all, the company also provides some great software apps such as panorama filter and photo beamer which make the pictures even more gorgeous.

The upcoming Nokia phones to have stunning cameras
The Finish handset maker's growing inclination towards better phone cameras is a clear reflection of its plans for the upcoming handsets which can be believed to be studded with great photo features.

Something for everyone
The company has also hinted at its plans to offer great technology packed phones in emerging markets at competitive prices and to offer premium luxury handsets in the wealthy markets.

Has Nokia got it right?
A great camera has few prerequisites- great hardware, a top of the art lens and clever software algorithms that can capture brighter images even in unfavorable circumstances. Seems like Nokia has found the key to optimize both of these requirements and deliver impressive phone cameras!