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Lenovo stirs CES with ‘coffee table PC’

Lenovo Group Ltd has introduced the concept of “interpersonal computer”, surpassing the traditional “personal computer” phenomenon which the company believes has brought alienation within the family members.

The IdeaCentre Horizon Tablet, a ‘coffee table PC’, is the latest on Lenovo’s pallet which the company unveiled during the inaugural CES 2013 event. The tablet PC worth $1,699 will hit the stores this summer, confirmed company sources.

The North Carolina based Chinese computer giant has now to offer a giant 27-inch, 17 pound “coffee table PC” running on Windows 8 Operating Systems.

Four user tablet
The company claims that its latest PC with third-generation Core i7 processor and Nvidia GeForce graphics can be used by four people at a time and hence named “interpersonal computer”.

The unique stand feature would let the tablet be upright on the table for multiple users while removing the stand the tablet can also be put on the sofa or bed for better comfort.

Ideal for gaming buffs
The 27-inch screen responds to ten fingers on the screen at a time. In an official press event of International CES on Sunday the 6th, Lenovo Group Ltd. demonstrated its most unique IdeaCentre Horizon Tablet dubbed “coffee table PC” with Ubisoft and EA games including joystick compatibility.

The big size tablet is the best buy for the ardent PC game players of basketball, Air Hockey, Raiding Company and other game titles.

In addition to Monopoly, Lenovo has succeeded in striking a path-breaking deal, with the FishingJoy, Kings of Opera, Draw Race 2 HD, and Raiding Company.

Lenovo has an edge over rivals
PC with similar oversize concept were pioneered by the Microsoft Corp.’s ‘Surface’ with a 30 inch touch screen following ‘Tap 20’, an all-in-one PC by Sony Corp.

However, Lenovo’s latest IdeaCentre Horizon Tablet has definitely got an edge over the others as it is more like a typical tablet PC which is captured the PC market ousting the long-ruled laptop culture worldwide.