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Taiwan city and Google at loggerheads over paid apps case

Google is headed for a showdown in Taiwan as Taipei City government plans moving against the internet giant in a dispute relating with its paid apps.

Some time back, the Taipei City government had fined Google Tw $1 million ($34,000) for the latter’s refusal to provide a seven-day trial period to its customers as per the country’s consumer laws. The tech giant then appealed to the country’s economics ministry, which upheld the decision.

Later, Google moved the Taipei High Administrative Court against the decision and the court overruled the said fine last week. Enraged by the judgment, however, the Taipei City government plans to appeal against the court ruling.

An official at the consumer protection division of the government said, "We do not wish to see Google exit the Taiwan market but we urge Google to respect and protect consumers' rights. We will appeal the court ruling."

Back in 2011, the government had instructed Apple and Google to amend their trading practices in accordance with the country’s laws. Google refused to follow suit, but Apple did.

As per the terms of service of Google’s Play Store, the official Android app market, consumers can get refund only within 15 minutes of their purchase.

Ever since the dispute erupted between Google and Taipei government, the former has suspended sale of its apps in the country.