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Walking Dead crowned game of the year at Spike VGAs

Walking Dead crowned game of the year at Spike VGAs Walking Dead crowned game of the year at Spike VGAs

The year 2012 gonna end soon and it is the time to catch-up with the past. Based on zombie apocalypse, Telltale Games' ‘Walking Dead’ has been crowned game of the year at Spike Video Game Awards.

The Spike Video Game Awards are aimed at honoring outstanding achievements in the video game industry. The 10th edition of Annual Video Game Awards was held on Friday, Dec 7 at Sony Studios in Culver City, Calif.

Beamed an excited Robert Kirkman, the game’s creator, "Thank you so much. You guys watch the TV show. You read the comics. You play the video games. You make all this possible."

He game went on to win the prize for best downloadable and adapted game, along with that for best performance by a human female, won by Melissa Hutchison, who played the character of Clementine, a young survivor.

Hollywood actor Samuel Jackson, an avid gamer himself, thundered at the start of the show, "You know me. Whoever's in charge of the bleep button, keep your finger ready 'cause this is gonna be one heck of a show,” ending his statement with an expletive.

Borderlands 2 sweeps the awards
Borderlands 2 from Gearbox Software swept the award ceremony, bagging most of the awards. It picked up the awards for best multiplayer, shooter, and performance by a human male for Dameon Clarke (villain Handsome Jack).

Downloadable adventure game Journey was chosen as best game for PlayStation 3, best independent game and best original score. "We made 'Journey' for you, to show that games can be something different — independent, experimental, moving, emotional, modern, inclusive, different," said Robin Hunicke, executive producer of the game.