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Samsung planning to woo the consumers with an 'unbreakable' Galaxy S4!

Samsung Galaxy S4

To build on the good reputation that Samsung has been enjoying owing to its Galaxy range of Android powered smartphones, it has decided to offer an interesting new technology feature in it's much talked about next, the Galaxy S4!

Next in line- Samsung Galaxy S4!
The mobile revolution that was started by Samsung Galaxy S was taken forward well by its successors, the Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy S3. Now that it's been quite a few months since the release of the Galaxy S3, which has become one of the most successful smartphones of all time, the talks about the Galaxy S4 have already started making rounds.

And to prove it's gratitude to its consumers and build further on it's strength, we hear that Samsung has already decided to pack the S4 with never-heard-of-before features that will take the whole smartphone war to another level.

Cool features to adorn the S4
Apart from infusing an ultra powerful quad core processor and an impressive 13 megapixel camera into it, the company will also provide with an 'unbreakable' screen. Yes you heard it right, Galaxy S4's screen will be unbreakable. So no matter how much it accidentally drops down out of your hands or pockets, the screen will stay as good as new as always.

Unbreakable screen for S4?
Samsung has displayed the technology of flexible unbreakable screens at various technological events but never brought it out in the open for its consumers.

Sanford Bernstein, a leading technology and marketing analyst with Mark Newman, has predicted that the technology of flexible and unbreakable screens will be put forth either with Galaxy S4 or S5 but it'll be definitely be out by 2014.

Imagine a phone with a flexible screen which you can fold as much as you want and do not have to bother being careful in holding it. Seems like Samsung is all ready to push the boundaries of smartphone technology further. Go Samsung!