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Dr. Gadget looks back: Apple iPad - the best iPad ever

In a series of articles, Dr. Gadget reviews the iPad 4, the best iPad and best 10-inch tablet.
Apple iPad - the best iPad Apple iPad - the best iPad

Apple iPad, the best 10-inch tablet, got better with the introduction of iPad 4 in late 2012. The amazing Retina Display, the lightening fast A6 processor, and other spectacular features made it Dr. Gadget’s darling.

Salient features of Apple iPad 4

1. Retina Display

2. Tremendously fast A6 Processor

3. Extra long 10 hour Battery Life

4. Lightning, 12W adapter

5. Starts at $499 for 16GB model

The year 2012 was a special one for Apple when it comes to tablets. It released as many as three tablets this year and the latest, fourth generation one was essentially a groundbreaking device.

The overall design of the latest iPad is essentially same as that of its predecessor, the iPad 3. The same design, weight and dimensions – you would not be able to spot the difference with the iPad 3 unless you notice the tiny Lightening connector. It’s all metal and glass finish remains a feature to beat.

The Retina Display
The Retina Display is another spectacular feature that is exclusive to the iPad. The display is amazing and makes viewing images, videos, playing games and running apps a thrilling experience. Talking of images, the front-facing FaceTime HD camera has been improved upon, though there is no change in rear 5-megapixel camera.

A6 Processor
The iPad 4 is powered by the A6 Processor, which makes is lightning quick. This processor is a dual-core ARM-based processor, just like that of the iPad 3, the A5X. Even power intensive games like first person shooter N.O.V.A. 3 run on the iPad 4 silk-smooth. Switching between different apps is fast and zappy.

Battery Life
Apple, just like in the case of the iPad 4, promised 10 hours of battery life in iPad 4 and went even beyond that. The iPad 4 ran for over 13 hours in a battery drain test. Yes, you read it right, 13 hours!! Phew, that is a record of sorts and few other tablets come close to that number.

Lightning, 12W adapter
The Lightning adapter debuted in the iPhone 5 and was used in the iPad 4 as well. It replaced the 30-pin cable, and is the new connection, charging and syncing port for the iOS devices as of now. Connecting with older accessories is a pain, though, due to compatibility issues.

Overall verdict
Starting at $499 (16GB model), the iPad 4 is a great device, though bit pricey. It is the fastest and the best iPad ever, and beats its competitors by a long margin. It provides splendid, professional-level performance and remains Dr. Gadget’s favorite 10-inch tablet. Go for it!!