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Dr. Gadget looks back: The best iPhone ever: iPhone 5

As Dr. Gadget looks back at the bygone year's biggest tech releases, he could not stop him from a detailed review of the iPhone 5
The best iPhone ever: iPhone 5 The best iPhone ever: iPhone 5

There are smartphones and there is the iPhone 5. The sleekest, lightest and most impressive iPhone ever, the iPhone 5 is Dr. Gadget’s preferred choice!!

Salient features of the iPhone 5

1. Retina Display that gives an awesome experience

2. Tremendously fast A6 processor

3. Long battery life, close to ten hours

4. Large screen, larger than earlier iPhones

5. Starts at $199 (16GB) from most carriers. Unlocked iPhone 5 sells at $649 and higher.

The iPhone 5 has everything that users ranted about the iPhone 4S: a faster A6 processor, larger screen, and free turn-by-turn navigation. Apple has gone one-step beyond the 4S by making the iPhone 5 even lighter, thinner and ultra-sharp.

There is flip side as well to the latest iPhone. Its screen is bigger than earlier iPhones, but remains smaller in comparison to the voluminous Android phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy SIII. The Droid Razor Maxx beats it by a long margin when it comes to battery life. However, the iPhone 5 remains the best choice overall given its stupendous features.

Retina Display
The awesome retina display helps the iPhone 5 beat most of its competitors. The clarity is such that you will find it tremendously hard going back after using it. An extra row of folders/icons and landscape mode video viewing improve the overall experience altogether.

The iPhone 5 is similar in appearance to the earlier iPhones. The rounded buttons, silence switch and sleep/wake button return in their original positions, though the headphone jack moves down. The bottom row has been overhauled as redesigned speakers and Lightening connector port join the headphone jack at the bottom.

The iPhone 5 is lightning fast; faster than its predecessors and its peers. The iPhone 5 (AT&T) just beats the Samsung Galaxy SIII on the same service. It is available for a variety of carriers all over the globe, but T-Mobile loses it in the US. Simultaneous data and voice services are not available on the phone, though.

A6 Processor
Apple has been busy not only rolling out new devices, but making its own ARM-based processors as well. It has upgraded the processor in the subsequent iPhones and the latest one has the A6 processor, the best of the lot. This processor makes the iPhone 5 tremendously fast and the wireless 4G LTE service makes it even faster.

The iPhone 5 is available on a myriad of carriers. The 16GB model starts at $199 on AT&T, Sprint and Verizon, while the unlocked version starts at $649. Add hundred bucks for the 32GB model and hundred more for the 64GB model.

Other features
Battery life is good and ranges from seven to ten hours for different carriers, though offerings from other manufacturers run longer. Though it is lighter, the hardware has been upgraded to endure bit of a beating.

The Bad
Nothing is perfect, neither is Apple iPhone 5. The Map apps, problem of scratches, purple glare when viewed in light, being unresponsive at times, and flickering of screen are some issues that would bug you for sure.

The iPhone 5 is better than earlier iPhones; almost all the features have been upgraded and there is lot to look forward to, even if it has its shortcomings.