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Sony debuts its Ultra HD TV in the US with a John Legend performance

Sony's new TV is massively entertaining Sony's new TV is massively entertaining

Sony took the wraps off its Ultra HD offering in television at a private party in Santa Monica.

John Legend’s performance at the event was the other highlight of the high-profile social gathering.

The new Ultra HD TV boasts a 4K resolution, and is priced at $24,999. A 4K resolution happens to pack in almost four times more pixels than conventional 1080p televisions that are sold today.

With a massive screen size of 84 inches, the new device aims to bring TV entertainment to a new level.

The television comes bundled with a video player with some popular film titles upscaled to 4K exclusively for Sony’s new television set. These include "The Amazing Spiderman," "Taxi Driver" and "The Karate Kid".

The player also features a host of short films and 10 other popular film titles.

4K content not easily available
4K TVs are supposed to be the next big thing in television after Full HD TVs, but 4K content is sorely lacking right now. This should change in the next few years, but it would still be some time before such TVs go mainstream.

Nevertheless, Ultra HD TVs have the ability to upscale content that’s in lower resolution, to make it suitable for viewing on such a huge screen.

Another key hurdle to 4K TVs is the requirement for a very high-speed internet connectivity which is currently not as common in the North American market.

The TV comes bundled with a tempting freebie – an Xperia Tablet S which can be actually used to control the television, like a remote control.

Sony pioneering 4K entertainment devices
Sony has been at the forefront when it comes to products touting Ultra HD features. It came out with 4K projectors for movie theatres as early as in 2005.

It was also the first company to introduce a 4K home projector last year for consumers.

Sony’s competitor in the 4K TV space is currently LG Electronics, that came out with its own 84-inch Ultra HD set retailing for $19,999.