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Small cars back in contention with new Ford Fiesta

New Ford Fiesta New Ford Fiesta

Who says small cars are dead? Well, if you are among those who feel so, think again as Ford Fiesta has made small cars cool again.

The hype for new Ford Fiesta was building for some time before the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show. The world got a glimpse of the car at the show and everyone was left mesmerized with its first look.

Exciting features
This high tech wonder just sips fuel and gives a surprisingly high fuel efficiency. Conservative estimates are pegging its fuel efficiency at 40mpg at highway, which is quite impressive.

Apart from that, its small engine provides an impressive 123 horsepower that is seemingly enough for this small car. A MyFord Touch infotainment system has been specifically designed for this car.

MyFord Touch infotainment system
The new infotainment suit consists of a range of features, including touch-screen interface that helps the driver to control navigation, stereo, climate control and hands-free phone. Voice input is a spectacular feature of the car, which lets the driver to select a track by simply saying its title. The voice input system named Nuance is known to be quite accurate.

The 2014 Fiesta's dashboard will feature a revamped Sony audio system. Though not many details are out, expect good quality audio performance from the system. Bluetooth phone pairing will be there, but some sort of pairing will be needed.

Fiesta ST
The Ford Fiesta ST is a tad better version of the new Fiesta. It sports six-speed transmission and a larger 1.6-liter engine, which produces 197 horsepower.