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Samsung hits back at Apple – claims patent violations

Samsung hits back at Apple Samsung hits back at Apple – claims patent violations

‘You did it, no you did it’, seems to be going on between tech giants Samsung and Apple, with the former firing patent violation claims against the latter.

The hostilities between Samsung and Apple never seem to end. In the latest round of patent wars, Samsung has claimed that Apple has used its patented technology in its latest iPad Mini and fifth generation iPod device.

The patent in question concerns built in speakers and external audio port, which, claims Samsung, make use of its patented technology. It has argued that the newest offerings from Apple should be added to the ongoing legal wrangles between the two tech behemoths.

Previously, Samsung had appealed to a court to include iPhone 5 to the court case the two firms are currently fighting. The court had admitted Samsung’s appeal on Nov 15.

Samsung to get access to Apple-HTC settlement
In a related development, Samsung will have access to the settlement between Apple and HTC in a similar patent violation case. This announcement came a few days back (Read: Patent war between Apple and HTC over)

The latest development is only going to make the legal tussle between Samsung, Apple and others only murkier. We at Money Times will cover each one of them; keep tuning back for more.