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App Update: Apps for daily deals, music and a slam-bang action game

New Android apps New Android apps - Woot Daily deal app and more

Here is the latest round up of smartphone apps for Android devices: an app for daily deals, a cool new music player and a slam bang action game. Keep reading for more.

New Android smartphone apps:

1. Woot Daily Deals

2. Apollo Music Player

3. Shadowgun: Deadzone (game)

Woot Check – Daily Deals (Free) is a daily deals site, which deserves your attention for sure. You can keep a tab on all the deals on the site with its cool new app: Woot Check – Daily Deals.

The site has got immensely popular in recent past and has a huge fan following. It has launched a couple of sister sites, Wine Woot and Kids Woot, where deals for wine purchase and kids’ items are available. Get this app free and start making use of the juicy deals that are available on the site.

Apollo (Free)
Are you among those folks who like listening to music day-in and day-out? If yes, then the Apollo music app is for you. It has a nice interface and provides you with a great deal of control over what you are listening.

Some of the stupendous features of the app include ability to pin albums as well artists to the home screen, search via text and speech and social sharing.

Shadowgun: Deadzone (Free)
This game app is for the adrenaline junkies who like to blast their enemies. It is an intense third-person shooter game and can include up to 12 combatants at a single time.

There are two game modes, which will give you hell of an experience. In case you want more, you can try out Gun Bros for multiplayer slam-bang action.