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Black Friday losing its aura?

Not excited about Black Friday shopping? Hundreds others might be feeling the same!
Black Friday losing its aura Black Friday not as hot as earlier

Wondering why the jingles have started so early this season, well you might not be alone! Customers are happy and so are shopkeepers who are doling out deals. The bigger question is, whether Black Friday is losing its aura!

Reasons behind Black Friday losing its sheen:

1. E-Commerce making it easier for shoppers to purchase anything on the go

2. Race among retailers, online or otherwise, to offer lowest price

3. Juicy deals on offer around the year

With more people on the go than ever, juicy deals being available throughout the year and e-commerce being hot property these days, the aura around Black Friday is diminishing. As per a survey done by, most of the shoppers will be done with all the holiday season shopping much before Black Friday.

Shoppers on the go
Mobile e-commerce is in vogue and a deluge of tablets, smartphones and other mobile gadgets have powered it in a big way. A recent survey done by Accenture found that around a quarter of all shoppers make use of e-commerce websites to purchase gifts of their choice.

Such intelligent smartphone apps are available these days that you will get access to juicy deals on a variety of products, including electronics, apparel, gifts and more on your fingertips, quite literally. With so much on offer already, why wait for Black Friday?

Deals, deals and more deals
Online retailers are vying hard for matching the best deals available on brick-and-mortar stores. This sets a race to the bottom type of situation, with each side trying to lure the customers with a better price. The customer ends up being the real winner by pocketing a juicy deal.

One such interesting multi-cornered competition is being witnessed between the likes of Apple, Samsung, Google, Amazon and others. While Apple is known for high end products which are highly pricey, Google and Amazon are undermining the markets by offering products at ridiculously low rates (Read: Mobile Price Undermining by Google and Amazon)

Fight against ‘show-rooming’
A common tendency among shoppers is to identify a particular product in a showroom and purchase it elsewhere. This approach helps them to pocket stupendous deals, but is a headache for sellers!

The solution? Shopkeepers have started offering deals that are available nowhere else. Who would mind purchasing an item and getting a gift or a heavy discount on other purchases? I won’t, so I’ll be on the lookout for such exclusive deals.

Happy Shopping – Black Friday or not!!