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Apps Update: Three fantastic Windows 8 Apps to drive you crazy!

Microsoft on the go, here are few apps to enhance your Windows 8 experience
Three fantastic Windows 8 Apps to drive you crazy! Three fantastic Windows 8 Apps to drive you crazy!

The following apps have incorporated the latest technologies never featured on any Windows version earlier.

Three spectacular apps for Windows 8 that need to be in your arsenal

1. SkyDrive

2. News Bento

3. Xbox Smart Glass

Checkout the following three amazing apps from the Windows 8 platform

Cloud computing is on the verge of becoming a rage and Microsoft is amongst the very first companies to milk it successfully. Microsoft's Cloud storage services have been embedded in newly launched Windows 8 and is known as the Sky Drive.

SkyDrive offers abundant storage of data, that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. That is, you won't need to carry external portable storage devices and drives. SkyDrive has given a boost to the worth the newly launched OS carries.

Cloud storage provide you with a go-to app for syncing and sharing of files.

News Bento
One area where the Window 8 platform received criticism was the absence of variety in apps. Although, the news Bento app emerges as the highly acclaimed app in the Windows 8 portfolio.

Aimed at keeping you update with the latest news feeds and changing headlines, News Bento allows you to customize settings and view pop up news feeds from selected categories only. If Google Reader is your feed of choice in a browser, News Bento has support for it as well.

Moreover, you can manually ask for selected new sources and access those feeds at any given time.

Xbox Smart Glass
If you own a Xbox console, you ought to have this app. Microsoft had garnered a deluge of positive reviews because of this single app.

This fascinating feature lets you to use your device as a second screen for the games being played on the console simultaneously.

Whether you are using your Xbox console for games, videos or music, Xbox glasses can serve as remote controls while watching a TV show or can easily transfer songs from one device to other.