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Apps update: Two fantastic streaming music apps!

Two fantastic streaming music apps

While the world is going crazy for the hugely popular XBOX Music Pass app, Spotify has managed to establish its own domain of regular users

Two fantastic music apps:
XBOX Music Pass

XBOX Music Pass
The XBOX Music Pass comes embedded in the Windows 8 music app, and offers more than the 18 million songs for the customers in the U.S. The Smart DJ mode generates a number of playlists as customized according to your favorite artists and songs.

The great audio quality adds pleasure to your music experience, although the 192 kbps bit rate may disappoint the ones habitual of dedicated frame rates.

The access stays free for an initial six months, and costs $10 per month after this period. $10 monthly premium subscription ditches the ads and pop ups, and starts open streaming to Windows Phone 8 handsets instantly. While it is available on Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows Phone 8, and the XBOX 360, the Android and iOS support will come within 12 months.

Although Spotify is no match to the service standards set by the XBOX Music Pass, but the device support it offers is superior in reach as compared to the latter. Unlike XBOX Pass, Spotify doesn't support Windows 8 platform and is available on every other major mobile and desktop clients such as Nokia's Symbian and a wide array of home theatre equipment.

Like all major music apps, its monthly subscription costs $10. The subscription includes an audio quality boost of 320 kbps! It comes as a vast superior alternative to the desktop client's 160-kbps standard. Moreover mobile devices have the option of dropping down to 96 kbps to save on cellular data.

It also provides you the choice to discount on unwanted commercials and ads by paying an additional $5.

The app hoists a number of third party contributions such as the offerings from Billboard Top Charts,, Rolling Stone, TuneWiki, and song-discovery services.