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Google's maps app for iOS6 soon!

Reports suggests that the highly anticipated Google Maps app is in final stages of testing and may hit the Apple store soon

You might have been left red faced following the highly faulty maps apps in the Apple's iOS 6. Apple dropped all Google applications from the upgraded version of iOS and replaced them with not so good alternatives. Criticism ensued, and the botched app forced the CEO to issue a public apology for the poor quality and inaccuracy of the app.

After remaining mum for a while, Apple has finally made up its mind for bringing back the Google's map app back to its OS. Apple had acknowledged its shortcomings and even advised its users to look forward for some better alternatives, Google maps being one of them. It is reported that the Google Maps app for the iOS 6 platform is in the final phase of testing and may hit the Apple store anytime in coming months.

Surprise at Google's move
Moreover, Google's desire to cement its presence on the iOS 6 has been highly anticipated and questioned. Many have left perplexed as to why Google would want iOS when its Android OS is the former's biggest competitor, and it can attract more users by keeping its classic apps confined to the Android store?

One needs to look at a much bigger perspective to have complete understanding of the matter. While Apple will straight forward benefit from accuracy of the app, Google aims at blending its expertise with other platforms and lure the users to use Android that has many other quality apps like the Maps.

Demand of the moment
However, the demand of the moment is the inclusion of Google Maps on the iOS 6 at the earliest. The users have had enough of frustrating experience keying in the Apple Maps app again again and face the same error message “could not calculate route.”