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Now Apple will drag Google Android to court!

Now Apple will drag Google Android to court! Now Apple will drag Google Android to court!

Apple has requested a petition to include its market rival Google Android in its list of companies that have violated its design patents

After discharging its legal wrath against Samsung earlier this year, tech giant Apple is all set to target Google created Android platform. The existing trial against Samsung Galaxy Nite 10.1 in California will drag Google Android in the courts.

Worth mentioning is that Android is the biggest rival of Apple iOS in the market, and has punctured a lot of Apple product sales.

Apple has pleaded to include Android in the trial before U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal today in San Jose, Calif. Earlier this year in August, a court lashed out at Samsung and ordered to compensate Apple by $1.05 billion against design infringements allegations by the former.

Before the heat could expel out, another case in California is centered on software design violation and targets Samsung again and Google whose Android platform mirrors the iOS in terms of looks and use.

Since the complaint dealt with software and user interface patents, Google was already expected to play a bigger role in the proceedings than in previous trials.

But by naming Google's flagship operating system, Apple may have touched a hornet's nest, even if the company isn't actually named in the lawsuit.

The trial has been scheduled to be in courts by early 2014.

The year 2012 has witnessed an array of law suits and participating tech giants: Apple v Samsung, Google v Microsoft, Samsung v Microsoft and now Google v Apple.

If you were hiding below the hood, then you must wake up to the recent Google Nexus sales that have drilled into Apple's market share and endured the latter heavy loses.

While the technology world is all anticipating Google's comeback on the iOS platform, the current decision from Apple has created ripples amongst speculations, some believing the two matters are separate and one may not affect the other, while others feel Google may itself step back from iOS if Apple defames it.