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Android empowered 'Ouya' will revive back!

It is too early to dismiss Ouya from your set of preferred gaming consoles. The company is all set to revolutionise its presence in the market.

All obsessed with XBOX and PS3 consoles ? Ouya's absence from the scene forced all of us to bestow our love for XBOX and PS3. If reports to be believed, the Android empowered gaming console is alls et to come back after significant new additions. The console developed by Boxer8 received widespread acclaim for its funding campaign on Kickstarter. The Ouya team broke the ice on the possible alterations that users shall soon get to play.

“Our CAD models and SLAs (plastic prototypes that provide us with a physical look and feel of the product) are finished, and we moved out of the design phase and into development a couple of weeks ago,” said Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman.

“Last week was a huge milestone for us— we received our first run of PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) for the console. We’re set to complete this EVT (engineering validation test) phase on time, and we’re in sync with our December target for developer kits. Since these dev kits are still in pre-production phase, we’ll build a limited quantity. Each one will be a collector’s item—unique in design, build, and appearance.” said Uhrman

Ouya is now a proper gaming console, on the ground breaking standards established by XBOX and PS3. Moreover the console has been updated from the earlier version of Android 4.0 to the latest 4.2. “We’re making the jump from the old version, Ice Cream Sandwich, to ensure that we’re running on the most up-to-date software available.”

The makers have confirmed that over a thousand game makers have consulted the company to strengthen their existence on the still-in-design console. The most popular amongst them were Namco Bandai and Square-Enix.

The reason there was such an outpouring of developer interest was the impressive amount of money raised for Ouya from customers on Kickstarter. Why do developers want to make Ouya games? Because the company hasn’t even started making them and there’s already an installed user base of around 60,000 customers.

The splurging amount of money invested by the console maker on Kickstarter encouraged Game developers to grab the opportunity. $8.59 million was gathered over the course of a month, with the vast majority of backers paying $99 to receive the console once it goes into production.

Moreover, the company hasn't even started the production for the console, and it already has a large assured customer segment that goes up to 60000 game freaks.