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The wait is over: Halo 4 is here!!

Months and months of wait are finally over as Halo 4 is released
Halo 4 console game review Halo 4 is a game to watch out for!!

The most awaited game of the season, Halo 4, is finally here. Stupendous graphics, intriguing storyline and an intense gameplay make Halo 4 a gamer’s delight. Read on for a detailed review of the game.

Halo 4 highlights:

1. Interesting story line with protagonist Master Chief making a comeback

2. Intense game-play with upgraded weapons and brutal fights

3. State-of-the-art graphics

Halo 4 has developed into nothing short of a cult classic over the years. Despite change of guard, the game remains as good as ever. 343 has done a great job in taking over the reins of the winner and returning with an even better game.

In a way, Halo 4 carries the legacy of previous games by creating a new story within an existing universe, something certain experts tend to despise.

The protagonist Master Chief returns in a cool new avatar with upgraded armor along with this AI counterpart Cortana. Drifting on a ruined UNSC ship, Master Chief lands on a Forerunner planet named Requiem. Chief wakes up from his slumber upon the arrival of an enemy space ship and the slam bang action starts.

The Prometheans are the new antagonists and take orders from a mysterious and immensely powerful third force, which resents the humanity a great deal. Some details are sketchy, for instance the relation between the Covenant, which was humanity basher once, and the new antagonists.

Gameplay of Halo 4 is challenging and intense, to say the least. The Master Chief’s weapons have been upgraded, but the Prometheans too are equipped with cool ones to give you a tough competition, so expect dying often. The intense battles will keep you on tenterhooks, so be prepared.

The graphics are great, but short of something remarkable that will make you feel overwhelmed. If you compare the game with its contemporaries, you will find that its competitors like Assassin’s Creed score a point here.

The game is almost there, but loses out on a couple of points such as graphics and a detached storyline. Still, it remains a force to reckon with and remains good enough to live up to the tremendous hype that got generated prior to its release.