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Star Wars to resume under Disney banner

Star Wars to resume under Disney banner

Get ready for another round for high pitched battles in the space people as Disney is going to reboot the Star Wars and will release the next movie in near future.

Hollywood giant Disney is going to buy out Lucas Films, the firm behind the immensely popular Star Wars franchise, for a whopping sum of $4.05 billion. Disney will release the next movie in the series in the year 2015 and the release will be followed by Episodes 8 and 9.

The announcement of Lucas Films’ acquisition was made by Disney in a press release on Tuesday, 30 October. Disney, an immensely revered firm around the globe, has added another feather in its monstrous cap with this purchase. Disney CFO Jay Rasulo made it clear that the company will release the next Star Wars movie in 2015 and episodes 8 and 9 will follow the suit soon.

Interesting history
Disney had acquired Pixar from the legendary Steve Jobs way back in 2006 for a mind-boggling $4.7 billion. Pixar was incidentally started by George Lucas, the man behind Lucas Films. The current acquisition by Disney marks reunion of Lucas with Pixar, a firm he had originally started.

What it means for Disney
Well, the acquisition seems to be a well thought out one as it will have a multi-pronged benefit for Disney. Besides the immensely popular Star Wars franchise, it will now own Indiana Jones as well. And on top on that, it will have access to Lucas Films’ cutting edge technology.

It doesn’t end there. Star Wars is likely to feature in Disney Theme Parks and we are going to witness more Darth Vaders and rest of the Skywalker family. It could even cash on the popularity of Angry Birds: Star Wars franchise, but that could be a long shot at best.