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Minecraft topples Call of Duty from top on Xbox Live

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition, the stupendously popular video game, has toppled Call of Duty series from the top spot on Xbox Live.

Call of Duty series was sitting pretty on the top for two long years and was dethroned from its position by Minecraft Xbox 360 within months of its release for the platform. Developed and published by Mojang and co-developed by 4J Studios, the game’s popularity has been surging ever since its blockbuster release.

In fact, the Minecraft Xbox 360 edition is created with the same type of content as its PC counterpart and has witnessed similar sort of spectacular success. Mojang is reaping its runaway success with regular updates, the latest being Halloween themed “Pretty Scary Update” which was made available few days back.

Little about Minecraft
Minecraft is a first person sandbox indie game (one published by a small team or by an individual) that was released for Android in October 2011 and for PC and iPhone in November 2011. The game focuses on building, where gamers build all sorts of cool, 3D stuff from textured cubes.

Two different modes of the game are available: survival and creative. While ‘Survival’ mode is mostly about acquiring resources and maintaining a certain level of health, players have access to unlimited resources and have no concerns with regards to their health and hunger in 'Creative' mode.

It has been a rage among the gaming fraternity around the world and has grabbed a slew of prizes including Best Downloadable Game Award, Innovation Award, Seumas McNally Grand Prize and many more. It is expected that the game will continue its success story in times to come.