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Top five indispensable Windows 8 Applications

Windows 8 is finally here, but its app store is sort-of anemic at the moment. We have a look at some of the most useful apps on Windows 8 store.
Immensely Useful apps for Windows 8

One of this year’s most anticipated releases, Windows 8 is here, but its application store is pretty anemic at the moment. As it gets updated with new apps slowly, we have a look at the top few of the ones which are already there.

Immensely Useful apps for Windows 8

1. Google Search
2. Netflix
3. Wikipedia
4. Evernote
5. TuneIn Radio

Google Search
For most people, Google is synonym with internet search and vice versa, there is simply no option! If you are one such Google freak, there is an app for you. Google Search app for Windows 8 is one of the early bird releases for Windows 8 and a pretty useful one.

Google Search app for Windows 8 will make your searching experience as easy as tap of a button. This is one app that got to be there on your Windows 8 powered device without fail.

Get the Netflix app for accessing the subscription based service for watching movies and TV serials right there on your Windows 8 device. Get logged in with your Netflix account and sift through the vast library by swiping sideways. It even allows you to access your recently watched video from just where you left, just like mobile and web versions.

Over the years, Wikipedia has emerged as the de-facto go-to site for seeking knowledge for almost any topic. You can quench your thirst for knowledge with an app for the site. Simply key-in what you want to learn about and you will be presented with in-depth info about what you yearn.

Got an idea but cannot wait for a document to open? Well, try out the Evernote application then. Want to sync your great idea or a to-do list across a variety of devices? Do that with ease using this cool app and watch your productivity increasing manifolds.

TuneIn Radio
TuneIn Radio, the immensely popular app on both Android and iOS platforms is available for Windows 8 as well. You can tune in to your favorite station on FM, AM or internet using the app while performing other activities.