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Self driving car for prompt deliveries – Google’s foresight

In recent past, transportation via ship used to mean days and days of waiting. There was a frustrating delay in the speed of deliveries, but it’s time for a change:

It is pretty easy to fall for same day delivery as that eases one's life! Goods getting delivered within 24 hours is increasingly getting common, but experts at Google are working at even quicker deliveries!!

The quick Google

Google plans to carry out rapid deliveries on the same day of the order placed to bring out a revolution in the online shopping community.

Amazon, Walmart and eBay are all game for same day shipping already. The SanFransisco employees of Google along with their friends and relatives have been enjoying this system for some time now. Google plans to do this soon for all others to change the online shopping scenario.

It is working on getting into partnership with companies that can easily deliver the ordered products right away rather than maintain cumbersome warehouses for storage. Buzz has it that the company is already into talks with a leading apparel company for implementation of this concept.

Google’s plan

It expects utilizing self-driving cars for the same day deliveries. These will be programmed to deliver the product or clothing to the door-steps of the consumers. One goes on to retrieve the product and the car carries on to its next scheduled stop for delivery.

Just think about it: no conflict in the scheduling, no tip for the drivers, and no payment to be made to them. The cars will make deliveries at all times of day and night a reality.

The concept of online shopping is a very attractive proposition for the customers. In fact, people are into it in a big way. Do you think the rapid delivery system with the help of these cars will make it more acceptable and popular? Would you pick up the phone to order an apparel or product via the online shopping knowing that the waiting period for the delivery has been reduced to a few hours?

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