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Tech update: Multi cornered battles between Samsung, Apple and others get juicy

Regardless of which tech company you adore, you will find the current tussle between industry bigwigs to be extremely amusing!

It has been an action packed tech season so far and promises to be juicier in coming days as intense battles are being fought between the bigwigs. Latest update from tech world is that as Apple runs ‘Samsung did not copy its designs’ statement, Nokia lost the fifth position in top smartphone players to RIM.

Latest tech world highlights:

1. Microsoft Windows 8 operating system, Surface Tablet and Xbox Music go live today

2. Apple releases a press statement saying Samsung did not copy its designs

3. RIM trumps Nokia to claim fifth position among top smartphone manufacturers

Microsoft roles out Surface and opens Windows 8
Microsoft in a hurry to reclaim its top spot with a new announcement every other day is old news. Its Surface tablet is almost out along with Xbox music and other goodies from the erstwhile market lead. On the other hand, experts are scratching their heads over whether Windows 8 is good or bad.

Apple says Samsung is not the copycat
Apple lost a patent infringement case against Samsung in Europe. The tech behemoth was forced to release a press statement saying that the latter did not copy its designs. The text of the statement is put up here: Samsung/Apple Judgment

Oh yes, the next big thing from Apple’s stable, iPad Mini, is finally out. It has garnered pretty good reviews, but its shipment has been pushed to mid-November, two weeks after the initially promised date. When heard last, Apple’s stocks were trading considerably lower owing to ordinary performance reports.

Here is a review: iPad Mini Review

Nokia slides further down the sink
There is no end in sight for Nokia’s woes. Sunken sales, plummeted stock value and now this: the company has been displaced from number five smartphone maker by Blackberry’s maker, Research In Motion (RIM).

In a recently released data, IDC, a premier market research firm, Samsung and Apple lead the smartphone sales. HTC and ZTE are the other two firms in top five besides Samsung, Apple and RIM.