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They used Facebook, Twitter to frame constitution

Iceland citizens framed their own constitution and used social networking for debates, discussions and suggestions

Framing a constitution is no ordinary business. Its a law that frames laws. A nation's most expertise individuals are appointed for the job. Ordinary citizens are meant to abide by it and not write it.

But Icelanders seem to have a profound understanding of their country and its requirements. Iceland has a new, massively updated draft of the constitution, and interestingly the government, the constitution council and the citizens together contributed and framed it.

More interestingly, social networking sites were the platforms used for the discussions, debates and suggestions.

Over the course of the year, Iceland's citizens offered roughly 3,600 comments and 370 suggestions on the draft constitution, which was then drawn up by 25 members of a constitutional council.

Last year, the country finally decided to adopt revolutionary measures after a terrible blow due to recession that led to dropping economy and thus adversely affected every other citizen. The government then decided to make a worthy use of social networking and invited suggestions from all and sundry.

Rather than requesting petitions, letters, or phone calls, the government asked people to help draft the new constitution through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr.

The proposed constitution will now be passed onto the politicians for editing and finalizing it for implementation. However, the chances of making further changes to it by the parliament can't be dismissed at this point of time. Everything is expected to be accomplished before the 2013 elections.

It may sound weird, but more worthy usage of social networking can't be achieved. The existing government might have done it to advertise themselves for the upcoming elections, but they have done it smartly and with innovation.

The country that can frame a constitution, can easily overcome economic crisis in no time. It stays a remarkable milestone that signifies unity and innate patriotism amongst the citizens.

The power social networking carries is undisputed and unaccountable.