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Yahoo back to the drawing board, vows comeback

Yahoo, is not to be underestimated. The company under Marissa Mayer is leaving no stone unturned to revive its glorious days.

Yahoo today, centrally focuses on:
Mobile technology
More acquisitions
Pool in employees from other organisations

Drastic Times Call For Drastic Measures:

Yahoo has witnessed troubling times, obviously, its market share that dropped terribly from $45 billion to $18 billion in less than 10 years. The immense competition thrown in by Google and its inability to innovate its media publishing content snatched the company's undisputed title and made it sink for several years.

Yahoo poses a stagnate visage, look of its group sites hasn't changed over the years and the company failed big time to make its presence felt in Smartphone technology.

Mayer on the go!

Mayer, who had a popular stint as Google executive, vows to revive the lost glory for the company. She is reported to have devoted all her time and energy towards applying necessary changes, centrally focusing on technology and empower the company's three important portals Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Sports.

"She's spending almost all her time with the product folks. She's spending it on technology. She's talking about engineering hires," a person close to Yahoo said about Mayer's early days.

Fire and Hire
Pooling in fresh talent, and highly experienced employees from other organisations remains a key strategy for Mayer to bring about a revolutionary change in the functioning.

She hired in ad technology systems guru Henrique de Castro as chief operating officer; Ken Goldman as new finance chief, replacing Tim Morse; and Jacqueline Reese to assume the dual role of hiring and acquisitions.

Thirst to enter Smartphone apps menu
A roughly 700 million users hit different Yahoo web portal every month. The count appears overwhelming, though still far behind than those recorded by Facebook and Google.

The two have a unbeatable hold in Smartphones apps, and Yahoo aims to cement itself alongside them.

Unlike her predecessors, who had exploited much resources in maintaining the media content, Mayer seems ambitious of taking Yahoo to handheld gadgets and make it synonym with the brimming Smartphone technology and associated apps.

She foresees more interactive features being blended with social networking experience, that remained absent from the company's portfolio since long.
"The largest change is to be deadly serious about mobile," said a former Yahoo manager who remains in touch with people at the company."

Mayer, who has already registered herself amongst most influential businesswomen worldwide, has a mountainous task to accomplish. She invites ideas, is open to changes and doesn't delay decisions.

"Every CEO needs time to have their full vision articulated and understood," said Dan Rosensweig, a former Yahoo chief operating officer, who now serves as CEO of online textbook rental company "To count Yahoo out would be an enormous mistake, because the users have not counted Yahoo out," he said.