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Here is how Microsoft can beat Apple iPad

Well Microsoft really does develop some really interesting technology. Miguel de Icaza

Erstwhile market leader Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned to regain its numero-uno position that it lost to the likes of Apple and Google. Its Surface tab is slated for an October 26 launch, but is it capable enough to take on iPad? Here is how!

Microsoft needs to incorporate these changes to beat Apple in its own game:

1. Make use of Xbox for promotion of Surface

2. Develop more maps, lot many of them

3. Target small business owners

Developers, developers, developers
Apple iPad users can enjoy more than 250,000 apps, while those using Windows RT have access to lesser than 3000 apps. One way the company can take on iPad is to have more apps – in fact, ton loads of them.

The company needs to employ its experience of developing them for Windows Phone when it comes to developing apps, having developed 100,000 of them. Application of that experience for developing apps will come handy while in this case.

Focus on small businesses
Small businesses are turning pretty fast to iPad, taking their orders and managing their systems. It needs to change that mentality and that too, pretty quickly. It has to project Surface as a viable option for iPad.

In order to do that, it will need to price Surface competitively and offer solutions for businesses like transportation, education and real estate. This approach will go a long way in unseating Apple and taking that position.

Utilize Xbox for promotion
Microsoft can utilize Xbox, its most beloved brand, for promoting Surface. Surface is good enough to run scaled version of Xbox games. Its vast Xbox experience prove to be extremely useful in this case.