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Now a mobile app to order and pay for food in a sports stadium!

The app will be launched with the A league soccer game on 20th November 2012 evening game

A football stadium at Melbourne aims at reducing chaos and provide on seat service of food and drinks.

The app will be launched for 1000 spectators at first
Viewers will be able to order food and drinks without leaving seat
Shall be extended to entire stadium if found useful

Mobile apps were so far synonym to playing games, locating destinations, reading news and getting weather updates. But a Melbourne based stadium admin seems to have discovered a new idea of utilizing these apps. Now, a mobile app will help you to order food and beverages in a sports stadium!

Known as the QKR app, the Etihad Football Stadium in Melbourne has launched the app for smartphones that will allow the viewers to order food sitting at their seat without missing a single action of ball.

Fans by using the app will scroll through the food and beverage menu, scan or type in a unique code on their seat and place their order online to be paid by credit card and delivered by a waiter.

The interesting app service will be tried for 1000 viewers, who will attend A-league soccer match between Melbourne Victory and Adelaide United on 20th November 2012, could be introduced all over the stadium if successful.

The service aims at easing the chaos in the stadium premises and enhance uninterrupted match viewing experience.

The app was first launched for two cinemas in the city, and was well appreciated by the audiences then. Mastercard, which has developed the app, has little modifications to it menu content.

A very hopeful Bill Lane, Etihad Stadium spokesman, says the app shall be extended to 8500 seats, and even to the entire stadium if it does justice to the results expected.

"Fans can now drive into the carpark, take a lift to their level, sit under a roof if it's raining and now have food and drinks delivered to their seat," the paper quoted him, as saying.

"If it's a raging success we'll have to see how many waiters are available around the stadium," he added

Such apps are already in rage that help you choose restaurants in a city and view their menu. But an app specific for a stadium is a first of its kind and shall soon gather popularity amongst others in the world.