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Lexus LF-LC steals the Sydney Motor show

Lexus LF-LC, the concept car, left everybody spellbound with its innovative appearance and impressive technology.

Risen out of the blue, new Lexus LF-LC left everybody spellbound at the Sydney motor show. Opal blue in colour, this concept car inherits its styling from the red Detroit. Essence of the highly successful interiors from the previous car can be felt here.

Two 12.3 inch LCD touch screens control the automobile functions and a stunning touch screen features have been replace the traditional window switches.

Amongst other recognizable changes are use of carbon fiber and aluminium that make it lighter as compared to its predecessor. The car has an Atkinson-cycle engine and a smaller battery pack than any of other hybrid cars by Lexus. The car is empowered by the advanced Lexus Hybrid drive concept.

Being lightweight, it ought to be quicker and 498 horsepower system output compliments the same. Lexus seems to have poured in a lot of brain run in developing the concept car. Following the positive responses it has received so far, the company may think of promoting it to a mainstream production level.

“LF-LC is part concept, part reality: the concept hints at what’s to come from Lexus, while the reality has us actively studying how we can engineer and build a vehicle like this in the future,” said Lexus Australia’s Tony Cramb at the vehicle’s unveiling at the Australian International Motor Show.

Lexus has cemented its stature of simply a 'true luxury brand', not at all compromising with the attractive visage and worthy implementation of empowered technology. Reflecting undisputed exorbitance, Lexus is a car to die out for.

However, the brand may not dive in to take the car at the production level all at once. Its earlier presentation Lexus LFA took years to complete and somehow ended costing more than a Ferrari 599. Carrying that experience, the brand is expected to play more efficiently and not make a waste out of haste.

But Cramb had indicated a possible transformation to real time production. He said, “Its good looks mask some very exciting design and engineering innovations that will influence Lexus vehicles in the future.”