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Navratras embrace car makers !

As per reports, the auto industry has witnessed a 50 percent hike in the sales.

The sales for luxury cars have gone high by 20 percent and for mid ranged car by 40 percent, in the Navratras so far.

We are in midst of the auspicious Navratras with the peak festive season is yet to arrive. The automobile industry seems to have been blessed at the earliest.

While the rest of the market is yet to pick up sales, the Indian automobile industry is riding high with the overwhelming response to the special festive strategy they might have carved.

Car bookings in top gear
As per reports, the industry has witnessed a 50 percent hike in the sales !

The survey conducted in metropolitan cities conclude that the sales for luxury cars have taken a sudden flight and touched upto 20 percent.

According to car dealers in the cities for brands like BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen as against the sale of one or two vehicles on normal days, up to 12 cars have already been pre booked for the Dussehra occasion.

"Usually, we deliver only one car a day on an average, but on Dasara(Dussehra) we have around 12 deliveries scheduled this year and the sales have gone up by 15% compared to Dasara last year," said an official from the Mercedes Benz showroom at Madhapur, Hyderabad.

He further mentioned that the C class and E class lead the figures of pre books, while those for BMW cars have soared from two on regular days to ten, with orders streaming in on a regular basis.

"For premium segment cars Dasara is the only time in the year when sales actually pick up significantly as throughout the year sales are not that high," said Mir Asim Ali Khan, marketing manager of Kun Exclusive BMW.

It's a jubilant time for dealers of mid-range cars, as sales during this festive season have surged by at least 40 percent.

The Indian automobile industry garnered much attention globally, as a good number of leading car makers from the world announced their launches in the festive season.