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Honda confirms 1 Million sales of Hybrid car

Honda's rival Toyota though is way ahead, having achieved the mark in 2007, and has sold 2 million cars till now.

Car maker Honda finally has something to celebrate. The company having faced much loss in previous years due to myriad reasons, has achieved an important milestone. It has confirmed the sales figure of its Hybrid cars to have crossed 1 million. The final one millionth car was sold at the end of September 2012. However, it took a span of 12 years for the company to hit the bulls eye.

The first Honda Hybrid car was sold in Japan years back in November 1999. Subsequently, the hybrid cars were made available for sales in the US the same year. Also the first gasoline-electric hybrid car was sold in America in 2000. The company revealed it sold around 318,000 hybrid cars in the US.

Honda was always been written off for lack of diesel alternatives in its portfolio, that punctured its sales widely. But the hybrid sales numbers have always sustained Honda's brand value. Popular Honda Hybrid cars include Acura models and the ILX Hybrid.

Following overwhelming response to the hybrid collection, the company will be introducing new hybrid systems for mid-sized car models using a two-motor hybrid system.

Also, a new highly efficient high-output three-motor hybrid system called the Sport Hybrid SH-AWD standing for Super Handling All Wheel Drive is on the cards.

That hybrid system is aimed to empower the new Acura NSX and RLX Sport Hybrid.

However, Honda is way behind its rival Toyota in the hybrid market. Toyota reached 1 million global cumulative hybrid sales on May 31st, 2007. Moreover, Toyota hs already confirmed the achievement of two million mark in August of 2009. In May of 2012, Toyota announced that it sold 4 million hybrid vehicles around the world with the Prius series.

Worth mentioning is the fact that Honda has suffered huge losses in recent years; partially due to the natural disasters hitting its production in Japan and Thailand and partially due to it not aiming to launch new models for diesel cars.