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Twitter: The new political propaganda tool!

Twitter, a leading online social networking site states that because of its paid tweets or text messages, help can be rendered to the politicians in driving campaign contributions as well as in garnering attention of the people.

The twittering “Twitter”

The micro-blogging site Twitter is one of the 10 most visited websites where approximately 340 million messages or tweets are shared every day. The tweets can be read even by the unregistered users and the website interface helps the registered user to post them.

A “Complete” study

A study conducted by “Complete”, a marketing firm, highlighted that generally a Twitter user had 68% more chances of landing on a campaign donation page than an average person using the Internet. The visits increase when the people using Twitter land on political tweets from paid messages, prompted messages, or the ones they regularly follow.

"Twitter users exposed to any of these kinds of political tweets are almost twice as likely (97 percent) as other Twitter users to visit an online political donation page," claimed Peter Greenberger, Twitter's head of political ad sales.

Greenberger stated on a blog that Twitter users show more tendencies to become affianced with a campaign also aiding in the donation procedures.
"We have always known that Twitter users are politically engaged; now we know that exposure to political tweets drives political contributions," he affirmed.

Mostly all the parties and candidates using Twitter, showed an augment in the donation rate, even though an analysis of the exclusive and particularized campaigns was not permitted by the collected data.