Money Matters - Simplified

Long live the desktop!

As the debate desktops vs laptops rages on, we ponder over why the good old desktops are better!

Desktop systems have their own advantages that even a laptop can't match

Desktops Vs Laptops
Desktops are:
1. Cheaper and their spares are easily available.
2. Better in terms of performance.
3. Easy to fix in case of any fault.
4. Can be connected with more devices with multiple ports.

For years they have been adding charm to your desks, they have introduced you to the entire computing world and go on and on like obedient servants.

With a stampede of hand-held gadgets that claim all features that a desktop system has, the latter has already been written off. The myth is costing a lot of people their money because desktop systems have their own advantages that even the best laptop can't match. For those who feel that these bulky systems are now a thing of the past, read and rethink.

More durable
Laptop processors are smaller in built, thus use considerably lesser energy and generate lesser heat. But over use of the system may pose threat to over heating. Laptop processors are vulnerable to damage due to low defensive structure.

On the contrary, desktop processors are fitted in and provided a lot of surrounding space. It makes them powerful to run at higher speeds. Moreover, they can be surrounded by fans and liquid cooling systems to suppress down heating.

Better connectivity
The biggest advantage of a desktop system is the ample amount of ports provided on the motherboard and on the front cabinet. Desktops usually come with minimum 4 USB ports and the number can go up to six or even eight.

It increases our options of plugging in a lot of external devices such as head sets, high watt speakers, USB optical mouses and other connectivity options such as eSATA, VGA, DVI and HDMI ports.

Laptops are deprived of such extensive connectivity options. With at the maximum 2 USB ports, Majority of laptop systems compromise with HDMI and VGA ports as they are not easy to fit in thin surfaces.

They always compliment my pocket!
Have you ever though why is a laptop or any hand held device expensive than a big bulky desktop system?

Smaller the device, more advanced engineering is required to develop the internal socket cards, so that they can be fitted in a limited space without hindering each other's functioning. This makes the affair in developing a laptop or even a smart-phone more expensive than a simple desktop system.

Moreover, desktop systems can be assembled as per the owner's choice and pockets. Sometimes you don't wish to pay high prices only for main components such as RAM, monitor and graphic cards. Desktop systems allow you to select brands of your choice for individual components.

Expecting this amazing freedom in a laptop is laughable.

Ever tried fixing a laptop?
It is hard and risky as well to open a laptop and attempt in-house fixing, because the wiring and small devices are entangled with each other. Opening a desktop cabinet is just a 10 minutes job with a screw driver. Moreover, the cards and devices are available at all general electronics shops that can be replaced and fitted easily at home.

Laptop internal devices are developed with more advanced engineering, and thus the replacement to any faulty thing would be troublesome.