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Immensely useful tips to know your iPhone 5 better

Lets tell you about a few tricks and ways to use the iPhone 5 that is splashed with countless supportive features for the user. Most of its millions of users are unaware of the myriad features that are incorporated in the latest version of this iconic phone.

Old data can be retrieved and copied

If one plans to go for a new version of the iPhone, everything, including apps, data, contacts and settings, can be copied comfortably. All that needs to be done is to make a back up of the iTunes and then reproduce this information on the shiny new phone.

The iCloud can be used in the case of iOS 5 or iOS 6 provided a Wi-Fi connection is available. The nano–SIM card can be used for contacts. If you are switching from an Android save the contact list on Gmail and open the Gmail on the iPhone 5 and transfer the data.

Safety measures

Go to Settings > General > Passcode lock and activate a security system for the phone. Unwanted peering of the information on the phone can be taken care of in this way.

An auto-lock timer can also be set through settings and then selecting general category. This helps in conserving battery power and increasing phone security. Data can also be preserved by entering a four digit pin.

Social networking sites

The latest operating system iOS 6 has popular networking sites Facebook and Twitter integrated into it. The Share button can help share any content easily and quickly.

Go to settings and tap on respective entries for each one of them. Make sure the Contacts toggle of Facebook is on an “off mode“ or all the Facebook contacts will find a way into the phone’s address book.

Activate Siri

Press and hold down the Home button on the phone to activate Siri. Siri can be taught locations and introduced to people. In addition, emails and messages can be dictated to it. With the help of the iOS 6 one can launch apps, and even post updates on Facebook and Twitter .

The Maps App

If one is unhappy with the new Maps App, like most other users, a couple of options are there. Paid apps like MotionX GPS Drive and Garmin Street Pilot and free ones like GPS by Telenav and old horse MapQuest can be considered for this purpose.

Camera facility

The camera can be accessed by sliding up the camera icon directly from the lock screen mode. Tap the screen and focus with or without the zoom feature.
A Panorama option helps capture a beautiful panorama shot.

Other tips

Double clicking on the Home button stimulates the option of a potrait or landscape screen orientation.

Active apps can be observed and touched. With the help of this one can access different volumes and Airplay.

There is a Do Not Disturb toggle in settings that can be put on the incoming call. The messages and notifications will be held at bay, as the phone will neither light up nor make a sound. The messages will be stored to be reffered to later.

Shortcuts can be selected for typing messages. Emoji toggle helps add emoticons to the text.

Other features include Bookmarks, skip option and the iPhone User guide.