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Motorola comes out clean against Microsoft's patent allegation

The company won a lawsuit case against Microsoft in a German court.

The recently erupted episodes of technology firms fighting over development acknowledgements doesn’t seem to take a placid turn. Before the infamous Apple v Samsung tiff could fade from our memories, another law suit decision between Google owned Motorola and Microsoft is all set to dominate news.

The matter
Microsoft had filed a petition against Motorola in Manheim court, alleging the latter violated Microsoft's patent technology that enabled applications to work on different handsets without writing separate codes for all.

However, the court has dismissed Microsoft's claims and placed a verdict in favour of debt ridden phone company Motorola.

The court's decision is expected to create ripples of opinions in the handset application development market as this will allow the developers to frame a unique code for different handsets, thereby reducing development costs.

The decision brings big relief for Motorola, that had endured as many as three lawsuits defeat at the hands of Microsoft in German court. However, Microsoft's earlier victories refrain a large number of disputed smartphones for sales in the country's market.

This decision does not impact multiple injunctions Microsoft has already been awarded and has enforced against Motorola products in Germany," said David Howard, associate general counsel at Microsoft.

How it affected Google?
Google made its largest acquisition over Motorola last year at a splurging amount of $12 billion. Google aimed at boosting its undisputed status in the market, by adding hardware development to its portfolio alongside its brimming software business.

It expected to suppress down a number of legal threats against its Android OS. Subsequently, the company may reconsider its much talked about acquisition, since it has been entangled into a lot of patent ridden law suits attached with Motorola.