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Nokia Lumia 510 specs, picture leaked; may be priced at $150

On Wednesday users saw leaked pics and specs of Nokia Lumia 510

It’s unofficially out! The wait is over for all those fans eagerly awaiting the 510 Windows Phone, the newest addition to the Nokia’s budget Lumia range. Everyone was in for a surprise when the photograph and the hardware specifications were leaked over the internet.

The photograph of the model along with the details was exhibited online by GSM Arena. The last few weeks have witnessed Nokia making an immense amount of effort to promote the Lumia range of smart phones namely the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820.

These smart phones are expected to give some staunch competition to arch rival’s Apple’s iPhone. It was known that Nokia was expected to launch the Lumia 510 windows model at an entry level with a price that was lesser than the 610 model.

Leaked Specs
According to GSMArena that had the leaked photograph” , "We first heard about the Lumia 510 last month, in a leak that revealed that the low-end smartphone would sport a 4-inch display, have 4 GB of internal memory, and run on just 256 MB of RAM.

Those specs have just been confirmed by our own source, who also sent us the picture above and hinted that the initial price will be $150. The Lumia 510 is aimed at targeting the entry-level smartphone market, and will likely start in China where smartphone ownership has nearly tripled since 2010."

There is no official word on the operating system of Lumia 510, whether it will work on windows phone 7.8 OS or 8.0 OS. Microsoft turned heads with the announcement of windows phone 8 that turned out to be the blessing in disguise for the existing Windows phone devices. Most devices with WP 7.5 or Mango can be easily upgraded to WP 7.8 that also offers screen from WP 8 that can be easily customized.

It needs to be seen when the Lumia 510 hits the market and the users verdict on it. The model will make an entry in China before making way for a wider global distribution.