Money Matters - Simplified

Now, pay to increase post visibility on Facebook!

"Facebook is free and always will be," but conditions apply, says the company!

Facebook has been advancing the web portal with consistent introduction of new features, thereby adding pleasure and worth to the social networking experience.

New feature
World's most popular social networking site Facebook is all set to gamble with a new application for the US customers.

Buzz is that the new feature allows users to pay for any advertisement or news item, which would publish on all friend's wall with priority and would stay there for long.

For instance, if a user wants to publish advertisement for a room rent, he can pay to get it published for longer than usual with notifications broadcasted to all contacts.

Company clarifies
It appears as a contradiction to Facebook's earlier claims that the website would always be free for use. Defending its stand, the company says this is just an added feature. No existing services would be compromised with.

Abhishek Doshi, a software engineer at Facebook, says "Every day, news feed delivers your posts to your friends. Sometimes a particular friend might not notice your post, especially if a lot of their friends have been posting recently and your story isn't near the top of their feed."

further details
However, further details such as the launch date and cost per ad have been kept delayed for declaration.

The service has been tested in New Zealand, and based on the analysis derived, modifications would be done to make it more suitable for the US customers.

Expected response
Facebook is expected to launch the application in more than 20 countries and hopes to garner positive response from it.

Moreover, users are waiting to try the feature once before rolling out their opinions for it.

The website's undisputed status has made millions of people worldwide obsessed with it. History stats say Facebook's new features have always been welcomed by the users.